Common Dolphin
Delphinus delphis

Morphology and dimensions: The common dolphin has dimensions and morphology similar to those of the Stenella Streaked except that for the rostrum, a bit thinner and lengthened. At birth it measures 80-90 cm, while the adults have a length around 2 meters and a weight of approximately 90 Kg.

Coloration: The back is dark grey, the abdomen is white. On the sides a peculiar hourglass design is noticeable, whose front part is cream colour.

Swim and breathing rhythm: Similar to that one of the Stenella Streaked: it can make jumps and acrobatics and reach high speed.

Feeding: Also the Common Dolphin, like the Stenella Streaked, bases its diet on fish and crustaceans.

Social behaviour: It prefers living in team and can occasionally joins in groups of hundred of exemplars. It easy see it to swim together with Stenelle or Tursiopi. As the Common Dolphin, and the Stenella Streaked, information on its social structure composition are insufficient.

Vital cycle: Data are not available as far as the Liguria Sea; in other zones of the Mediterranean, the sexual maturity is reached for males between the 5 and 12 years, for females between the 6 and 7 years. The gestation lasts 10 - 11 months. It seems that the species reach at least 20 years of age.

Identification in sea: It can be distinguished from the Stenella Streaked for the various coloration of the sides. In the last few decades its presence in Liguria Sea is considerably diminished, therefore the sights became more rare.